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Ariana Hotel Spa

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About Ariana Hotel Spa

Ariana Hotel Spa is the first and only historic hotel equipped with spa in Kashan, Iran. It is located in the historic context of Kashan on Mola Habibola Sharif street.


Ariana Hotel Spa has two saunas and a massage room in the second courtyard. A variety of Iranian and foreign traditional massage is offered.


Ariana Hotel Spa has bride-and-groom rooms, mosquito net beds, family rooms (two connecting doubles), and VIP rooms to offer luxurious hospitality.

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Cooking Courses

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Ariana Hotel Spa makes it possible for our guests to be able to learn to cook traditional cuisine of Kashan, to bake all types of cupcakes, and prepare desserts under the supervision of the hotel's chef with prior reservation.

Souvenir Gift Shop

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Ariana Souvenir Gift Shop is located in the second courtyard offering all types of souvenirs and handicrafts of Kashan, Rabee rose-water and distillates, hand-woven cloth and dress poetry, Khatam, paintings, etc.


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Ariana Historic Hotel decorated with admirable precision and utter luxury is considered to be an eye-catching venue to hold grand banquets, celebrations, meetings, seminars, and similar events. With previous booking, photography is allowed.

Facilities & Services

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